La Guerra dei Vaccini #2

Abbiamo pubblicato la legge Lorenzin e alcuni link a opinioni diverse. Ora diamo la parola a Freddie Lamech che ci spiega il suo punto di vista. Quando la medicina e la scienza pongono serie questioni politiche.


I am completely and utterly opposed to the proposed Lorenzin law that makes children’s access to preschool and primary school education contingent on their being fully vaccinated.

Let’s be clear – I am in favour of vaccination and strongly believe that all children should be vaccinated.

BUT – I am opposed to coercion by government. As an ‘Aussie’, I am naturally suspicious of authority.

Governments should govern, not blackmail ordinary citizens into doing something by threatening the withdrawal of their children’s Right to Education.

Education is a Human Right. If you use it to manipulate behaviour, then it is no longer a ‘Right’.

If there is a war of scientists about vaccines, let them fight it out. Scientists and others who are against vaccination are not ‘evil’ people, they are simply misguided, so do the hard work: prove them wrong. Government can voice support for one side or the other, but bully and coerce – NO.

Acceptance of the value and importance of vaccination will only be achieved by persuasive argumentation and targeted education strategies, not by treating parents like they’re all stupid and by taking decisions regarding their children’s health entirely out of their hands.

This dictatorial approach will only drive more people to vote for M5S and could be seen as a distraction tactic by an increasingly unpopular PD government.


Freddie Lamech


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