Blue velvet

“She wore blue Velvet” performed by the actress Isabella Rossellini in a steamy nightclub during one of the most famous scenes of the homonymous film by David Lynch.
The character Scarlet´s red lips and long velvet nightgown wrap her in a sheath of charm and mystery.

Velvet material, by Diya Cab LPP

Velvet is one of the most appreciated fabrics; it awakens memories of romantic moments in red velvet theatre chairs in Paris or an old jazz club, echoing the sound of the saxophone, even the sweet taste of red velvet cake on your tongue.

The texture was originally found in China and Egypt; the production was complex and time-consuming which made it mainly available to royalty and the wealthy, used for many luxury items such as clothing, furniture, curtains and even wallpapers in the renaissance time.

Velvet keeps popping up in the design world and everyone from fashion to product design makes use of the elegant plush, smooth and classic fabric with an innovate take on it, such as an element of surprise in a dress or furniture piece.
The texture can be that one missing element which makes a space feel complete, that creates an atmosphere of class and mystery through the help of strong, unique colours like emerald green, midnight blue, mustard, eggplant, black and bright fuchsia.

Velvet provides the ultimate bridge between history and present time, in our eyes, it is classic and everlasting, words such as exquisite, chic, graceful and refined come to mind when thinking of this fabric.

“Blue velvet, but in my heart there´ll always be, precious and warm, a memory” – Bobby Vintons

Maybe this article made you want to make your own memories with velvet after we´ve had ours at Salone del Mobile 2019.


Isabela Camim | Andrea Frezza | Gioella Schade


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